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2010 Stomping Girl Pinot Noir - UNHINGED (Sold Out)

2010 Stomping Girl Pinot Noir - UNHINGED (Sold Out)

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This is a delightful blend of select barrels from our three 2010 Pinot Noir vineyards: 55% Corona Creek (Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast,) 25% Lauterbach Hill (Russian River Valley) and 20% Beresini (Carneros.) The Sonoma Coast provides a classic earthy backbone, the Russian River adds its typical finesse and the Carneros contributes dark red fruit and structure. This wine is a perfect example of a unified whole being better and more balanced that the sum of its parts. Gestalt. How did we decide on this unusual blend? After a long day tasting through the individual barrels and lots we combined the leftovers of each of the three vineyards into one glass and were delighted by the well-balanced and interesting rounded qualities it displayed. Single-vineyard designation is the holy grail of Pinot. It can allow for the expression of true terroir. It commands more attention, more seriousness…not to mention a higher price. However, not every vintage or every lot is destined to be bottled Single-vineyard. And, crazy as it was to blend our prized vineyards together, after a little tweaking of the blend ratios, it worked. We went for better, more rounded flavors, and, ultimately, what we think is a better wine. Call us crazy. Call it Unhinged. We may have been a little ‘unhinged’ for blending across AVAs and it’s just what you need when you feel a little unhinged at the end of your day. It is easy and delightful to drink and, as an added bonus, it’s easy to open. 

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