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Hyde Vineyard

One early summer day in 2011 walking our Pinot rows with Steve Beresini of Beresini Vineyard, we asked if he or anyone he recommended had Chardonnay fruit available. Well, Steve's Chard was all spoken for by Tor and Staglin wineries but he offered to call his "buddy Larry." Larry Hyde, sometimes called the "King of Carneros," though we aren't sure he approves of this title, is an old high school friend of Steve's and a Carneros neighbor for years. But Larry, just like Steve, has a waiting list of winemakers wanting his prized fruit. So you can imagine our surprise when Larry did in fact have a few rows that had just become available. We took the offer on the spot of Robert Young, Wente and Hyde Field Selections clones and have been asking for more ever since.

Hyde Chardonnay Cluster