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Hyde Vineyard - Carneros

One summer day in 2011 walking down our Pinot rows with Steve Beresini, we asked him if he knows anyone with extra Chardonnay fruit they can spare--Steve grows Chard but it is all spoken for by the likes of Tor and Staglin. 
"Let me call my buddy Larry and see if he has any," was Steve's answer. Of course we knew which Larry because Larry Hyde is an old high school friend of Steve's and has been his Carneros neighbor for years. 

But we thought he was joking because Larry, just like Steve, has a waiting list of winemakers wanting his prized fruit. You can imagine our surpirse when Larry said in fact he did have a few rows available that his sons had been making Chard from but no longer had time for.  So we took those rows on the spot.

Hyde Chardonnay Block
What else can we say about the "king of Carneros" that hasn't been said. We are very pleased to be among the few who have access to Hyde's prized fruit.  Larry dedicated some rows for us of his Wente and Robert Young clones, and we are turning them into a golden nectar.